What Are Some Good Cookbooks for Diabetics?


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Some good cookbooks for diabetics include the American Diabetes Association's "Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook" and "The Sweet Life" by Sam Talbot, with both books offering a number of healthy, tasty ways to prepare diabetes-friendly foods. Healthy eating can greatly reduce the risks associated with diabetes, and weight loss, or keeping weight down, is often a focus of many diabetes-themed recipes.

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Another useful recipe book is "1,000 Diabetes Recipes," which contains a multitude of recipes including steaming pot roasts and more. The author, Jackie Mills, has also written a book entirely focused on diabetic-friendly desserts, "The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts," which is a must for those with a sweet tooth.

"The Lo GI Vegetarian Diabetic Friendly" by Ellie Miller is a useful book thanks to the focus on foods with a low glycemic index. These foods help to avoid sudden increases in the amount of blood sugars, so they can be very good for diabetics, as noted by Healthline. Additionally, many of the foods featured in these recipes, such as beans and cauliflower, are satisfactorily filling to eat.

Chef Michael Moore's "Blood Sugar" is another diabetes-focused cookbook written by a well-known chef, which means the recipes are both practical and delicious. Example recipes include a lemon chicken schnitzel sandwich and figs on toast.

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