What Are Some Good Conversation Starters?


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Good conversation starters include saying something pleasant about the situation and asking for information or help. Additional conversation starters include finding a mutual friend or experience to talk about and flattering the other person with praise.

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A positive comment about the situation makes the person starting the conversation seem friendly and inviting. You might say the food at an event is delicious or that the speaker is interesting. If your opening comment is about the weather, a neutral or negative comment is acceptable if the comment accurately reflects the weather.

A conversation starter that asks for information gives the other person something to say in response. Asking for information also makes the other person feel useful. When asking for help as a conversation starter, the request should be something that doesn't require the other person to put in too much effort. Asking for someone's opinion or offering to help the person are similar ways to start a conversation using assistance as an opening topic.

Mentioning a mutual friend of acquaintance also gives the other person something to talk about. Before using this conversation starter, make sure the others involved in the conversation like the person mentioned. Referring to a shared experience, such as a school or hobby, also gives the other person a reason to engage and something to say in the conversation. Sincere praise draws a person into a conversation in an inviting way and gives him something to say in response.

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