What are some good communication techniques?


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Good communication techniques include active listening, asking open-ended questions and paying attention to body language. Minimize stress by using techniques such as slight stalling and keeping responses simple.

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Actively listening to someone requires full focus on what the speaker is saying, instead of the listener simply waiting for his turn to talk. By actively listening, the listener hears everything the speaker says, along with any subtle emotions in the speaker's voice. This helps the listener fully understand the speaker, and shows the speaker that the listener is interested.

Asking open-ended questions is a way for one person to take an interest in another. These questions, particularly if they're about a person's interests, allow that person to open up to another. This helps build a connection between both people.

Body language is a significant part of communication. To be an effective communicator, a person must understand his own body language and be able to read the body language of others. Open body language, which enhances communication, involves keeping the arms uncrossed, maintaining eye contact and facing the other person. When reading another person's body language, it's better to consider it as a whole, instead of reading too much into every movement.

Stalling in natural ways, such as repeating a question or asking for clarification about a point, gives a person time to think. When responding during stressful situations, it's usually easier to focus on one point, as the speaker can focus on it without losing the listener's interest.

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