What Are Good Chronic Bronchitis Treatments?


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Treatment for chronic bronchitis involves medications to assist breathing, pulmonary rehabilitation, supplemental oxygen and smoking-cessation education, reports MedicineNet.com. Doctors may prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics during periods of exacerbation resulting from bacterial infection. Home remedies that assist the symptoms of chronic bronchitis include avoiding cold air, use of a humidifier when the air is dry, and breathing techniques such as inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth with pursed lips.

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What Are Good Chronic Bronchitis Treatments?
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Patients with chronic bronchitis must receive consistent encouragement to quit smoking and avoid other irritants to the lungs, advises MedicineNet.com. Half of the smokers with chronic bronchitis who quit smoking also stop coughing after a month. The two primary types of medications for bronchitis patients are bronchodilators, which relax the muscles in the airways and allow them to expand, and steroids, which reduce inflammation and decrease bronchial swelling and secretions.

In the majority of cases, bronchitis is preventable through the avoidance of cigarettes and secondhand smoke, states MedicineNet.com. Workers who face exposure to airborne chemicals or dust can reduce their chances of developing the disease by using masks at work. Additionally, maintaining good control of asthma helps prevent the development of bronchitis. Since repeated airway infections can lead to the disease, flu and pneumococcal vaccinations are a helpful preventative measure.

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