What Is a Good Chest Workout?


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Bodybuilding.com states that exercises that work the chest muscles at different angles are the best approach for a chest workout. The site lists the 180-degree twisting dumbbell bench press, close-grip weighted push-up, cable crossover 21S, kettlebell flye and forward-leaning dip as five essential chest exercises.

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Bodybuilding.com describes the 180-degree twisting dumbbell bench press as a chest press with the added benefits of a reverse grip to increase activity in the upper pectoralis major. The close-grip push-up involves placing the hands six inches apart to focus more on the inner pecs. Bodybuilding.com states that researchers have determined the bent-forward cable crossover stimulates the pecs as much as the barbell bench press. The difficult grip of kettlebells allow flyes to use more pec muscles than are used when lifting dumbbells. Modifying the dip to have a forward-leaning movement allows the motion to focus more on chest activity instead of the usual concentration on triceps.

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