What Are Some Good Cervical Traction Devices?


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Some good cervical traction devices include the Overdoor Cervical Traction, ChiSoft Neck Traction Device, Pronex I Pneumatic Traction System, Supine C-Trax Cervical Traction and TTFT-200 Traction Table, explains RehabMart. Most of these traction device systems are mounted on doors and are typically used at home.

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Other than helping relieve pain, traction devices are medically used to increase the range of motion of the neck, to improve function and to speed up injury recovery rate. These devices help to treat several conditions of the musculoskeletal system, such as a pinched nerve, neck muscle spasm, disc herniation, cervical radiculopathy and whiplash, according to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

It is necessary to consider the instructions on the provided device manual before using any traction device system. Most systems are designed with straps that are mounted on the door. The harness should fit snugly around the chin and in some cases, depending on the device, wrap around the back of the head, states The Comfort Zone.

Traction devices are designed to offer tension to the cervical spine, and the patient should gently pull the tension cord to initiate the traction. Other devices allow the use of different weights that are attached at the opposite end of the device, indicates The Comfort Zone. It is important to first determine the weight to apply before engaging the traction device to avoid extreme tension on the musculoskeletal system.

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