What Are Some Good Calf Exercises for Strengthening Leg Muscles?


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Some good calf exercises for strengthening leg muscles are the bent-knee eccentric calf drop and the straight-knee eccentric calf drop. Calf exercises also include the calf-raise, the box step-up and the box step-down.

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The box step-up is an excellent exercise to strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals of the legs. The calve muscles help the exerciser step up, while the core muscles keep the body from overbalancing or twisting. The exerciser can begin on a low box and make it progressively higher with stackables.

The box step-down strengthens the same muscles as the box step-up but requires more effort and control from the quads and the gluteal muscles. These exercises can also be done with dumbbells.

The calf-drop exercises are meant to rehabilitate injuries to the Achilles tendon and calf muscles, and they might be uncomfortable at first. The straight-knee eccentric calf drop strengthens the gastrocnemius muscle, while the bent-knee eccentric calf drop strengthens the soleus muscle. In both exercises, the exerciser should only use the injured leg to lower his body.

The calf raise develops the muscles in the lower leg. The exerciser should ideally start on a Smith machine and then progress to using free weights. The exerciser can also do this one leg at a time.

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