What Are Some Good Burping Treatments?


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Burping treatments include increasing fluid intake, avoiding carbonated and alcoholic beverages, taking over-the-counter medication, and seeking medical advice if symptoms progress, according to WebMD. Normal burping usually does not require medical care; however, if it becomes excessive, it may become necessary to consult a physician, notes Healthline.

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Drinking plenty of water and avoiding eating and drinking too quickly treat cases of mild burping. Over-the-counter medications, such as charcoal tablets, antacids and food enzymes, can also help lessen burping. Assuming a knees-to-chest position and holding it until the gas passes can also help, claims WebMD.

If burping becomes excessive, it is best to seek medical treatment. After gathering information, a physician may offer suggestions about altering eating or lifestyle habits. If symptoms become severe enough, the doctor may order tests, such as abdominal X-rays and gastric emptying studies, to help discover the cause of the belching and formulate a treatment plan, suggests Healthline.

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