What Are Some Good Bodybuilding Workouts?


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Bodybuilding.com states that the best two bodybuilding workouts are the 5X5 program and the German Volume Training program. It also rates the FST-7 Training Program, the Upper/Lower Split Training program, and the Full Body Workout program as good bodybuilding workouts, as of 2015.

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What Are Some Good Bodybuilding Workouts?
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The 5X5 program consists of three main exercises targeting the body's major muscle groups and performed in five sets of five reps. In the German Volume Training program, the bodybuilder performs many sets that target two major muscle groups each day. The FST-7 Training Program concentrates on stretching the soft connective tissues surrounding the muscles by completing seven sets of 15 reps of the final exercise of each muscle group. Upper/Lower Split Training caters to beginning bodybuilders by hitting each muscle group twice a week. In the Full Body Workout, bodybuilders complete one exercise for each muscle group.

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