What Are Some Good Blood Glucose Meters?


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The Accu-Chek Aviva Plus is recommended by Consumer Search due to its high marks for testing accuracy. Among high-tech meters, the Genesis Meter is bluetooth capable, and In Touch has cellular connectivity, according to Diabetes Forecast. The Food and Drug Administration mandates accuracy standards for all glucose meters.

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Glucose meters measure the level of glucose sugar present in the bloodstream, according to Mayo Clinic. Meters vary from basic models to models that communicate with insulin pumps or sync data to cloud servers or Smartphone applications, according to Diabetes Forecast.

The best meter for each patient varies by the patient's needs. People with vision problems related to diabetes may need a meter with a large display or an audio component such as that featured on the Prodigy Voice meter, rated best voice meter by Consumer Search. Diabetes Forecast publishes a list of meters by manufacturer that includes their various features on its website.

Test strips used with meters may be proprietary and can vary in cost from 50 cents to $2 each as of 2015, making the cost of strips a serious cost consideration, particularly for patients who need to test their glucose levels multiple times per day, according to Diabetes Forecast. Mayo Clinic recommends that patients test meters for their ease of use, particularly the ease of submitting a sample to the meter, and the time needed to produce a result. Patients should also check with their insurance providers regarding coverage for meters and their associated test strips.

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