What Are Some Good BFF Test Questions?

Good BFF Quiz questions ask about one's comfort with a friend, favorite things to do with the friend, and how friends feel when separated. More questions might include what movie title best describes the relationship.

One place to find sample questions is Gurl.com, which offers a best friend quiz titled, "Is Your Bestie Really Your BFF?" The quiz is meant to help girls determine whether their current best friend relationship are likely to last forever or if they are just short-term relationships.

The best friend quiz asks 10 multiple choice questions. The questions ask about what friends wear when going out, favorite things to do, and what friends order to eat when together. These initial questions help determine how comfortable the girl feels with her friend.

Other questions meant to describe a girl's feeling towards her friend including rating one's level of jealousy when the friend hangs out with someone else and describing things the friend does to comfort her bestie.