What Are Some Good Back Braces for Lower Back Problems?


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Good back braces for lower back problems have elastic support and rigid reinforcements or support the entire lumbar spine, according to HealthCentral. Patients can usually only obtain the most beneficial braces through medical supply companies or orthotists.

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A doctor may prescribe a patient a brace that incorporates both the lumbar region and thoracic spine. Back braces remind patients about maintaining good posture and using correct body mechanics, notes HealthCentral. Braces also help alleviate pain and allow patients to participate in some normal daily activities.

Lumbosacral belts are another effective type of back brace. They place pressure on the abdominal muscles, reducing stress and weight on the lower back, explains SpineUniverse. Lumbosacral belts also provide lumbar spine stabilization, helping with multiple lumbar spine conditions.

Regardless of the type of brace that is best for a patient, it is important for patients to follow their doctors' instructions on how to wear the brace. Patients should also consult their orthotists if there are any questions about the fit of the brace, reports SpineUniverse.

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