What Are Some Good Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Diabetics?


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When choosing an alcoholic beverage, diabetics should look for drinks that use low-calorie mixers, such as diet sodas, reports Best Health magazine. Light beers and dry wines are recommended by OneTouch.

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What Are Some Good Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Diabetics?
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Calorie-free mixers are recommended by Best Health magazine in terms of alcoholic beverages for diabetics. Club sodas and mineral waters can be used, but bloody Mary mix and diet soft drinks work as well. Hot alcoholic beverages are limited to black coffee as a mixer.

OneTouch recommends similar mixers and also recommends lower-calorie beverages, such as light beers and dry wines. High-calorie drinks such as piña coladas, wine coolers or sweet wines should be avoided. While OneTouch states that the calories from an alcoholic beverage can replace the calories of one serving of fat, real meals should not be replaced by alcoholic beverages. Diabetic males should not consume more than two alcoholic beverages a day, and diabetic females should not consume more than one alcoholic beverage per day. Alcohol consumption stops the liver's production of glucose, wich can cause diabetics to become hypoglycemic. As a result, diabetics should be sure to eat before or while drinking an alcoholic beverage. Diabetics who have high blood pressure or blood triglyceride levels should not drink alcohol at all, as alcohol worsens these conditions or interferes with medications.

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