What Are Some Good Activities for Alzheimer's Patients?

Caregivers can enhance the quality of life for Alzheimer's patients by encouraging hobbies and activities that are familiar such as knitting a simple pattern, completing a crossword puzzle or gardening, explains AARP. Artistic individuals may enjoy drawing with crayons, painting with water colors, finger painting, making scrapbooks or piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with larger pieces.

Games can help Alzheimer's patients spark mental capacity and boost confidence and moods, especially when sorting designs, shapes or colors or using soft balls or large balloons to play catch, according to AARP. Caregivers can launch a scavenger hunt with sales ads and prompt patients to search for items in a grocery store to keep them physically and mentally active.

Physical activities can help individuals with Alzheimer's disease boost endorphins, improve sleep and maintain healthy appetites, explains AARP. Activities such as swimming, yoga and walking are recommended for Alzheimer's patients. Individuals can absorb vitamin D from sunlight by walking through gardens and walking trails to view birds, plants and nature scenes.

Family members and friends can help Alzheimer's patients reminisce by sifting through old photo albums, writing down family stories, watching family videos, or viewing movies and television shows from the past, AARP advises.