What Are Some Good Abdominal Fat Burners?


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Abdominal fat burners include adequate sleep, regular exercises that engage several muscle groups and sugar avoidance. Other ways to burn abdominal fat include reducing calories by consuming whole grains, proteins and vegetables. Consuming vitamin C and eating healthy foods rich in omega-three fats such as walnuts and salmon also help burn abdominal fat, according to Jennifer Cohen for Forbes.

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Abdominal fat is a result of rising levels of cortisol. Stress increases cortisol secretion. Sleep deprivation causes increased fatigue that increases ghrelin production. Ghrelin triggers sugar and fat cravings. Planking and walking help burn abdominal fat. Consuming cinnamon helps burn abdominal fat by stabilizing blood sugar. Cinnamon also makes a person feel full longer by slowing down the exit rate of food from the stomach, states Cohen.

Vitamin C balances the rise of cortisol. It also assists in making carnitine that the body uses to convert fat into fuel. Vitamin C helps to counteract the negative consequences of unhealthy eating binges, emotional crises and work stress. Bell peppers, kale and kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C, explains Cohen. Research shows people who sleep for six to seven hours daily gain less abdominal fat as compared to those who sleep for less than five hours daily, says WebMD.

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