What Are Some Good Ab Workouts?


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Good ab workouts include the bicycle exercise and different types of crunches, such as reverse crunches, medicine ball crunches and long-arm crunches. The amount of sets and repetitions done for each exercise would vary based on the person's physical fitness, but a good target for beginners is three sets of eight to 12 repetitions for each exercise.

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The bicycle exercise is performed by lying on the ground, putting both hands behind the head, elevating the legs and bringing one hand together with the opposite knee. As that hand and knee go back, the alternate hand and knee come together. It should look like pedaling a bicycle. Reverse crunches begin by lying on the ground with the arms flat on the ground. The knees are brought towards the chest, so there is a 90-degree bend in the legs. The abs are contracted as the legs are pushed upwards for one repetition.

Medicine ball crunches are performed by lying on a medicine ball, positioning it beneath the lower back. Hands can go behind the head, or arms can be crossed over the chest. The abs are contracted as the rib cage is pushed towards the hips for one repetition. The ball should remain stable. Long-arm crunches are done by lying on the ground with the knees bent, so the heels are close to the buttocks and the arms extended straight over the head. An ab contraction is then performed for one repetition.

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