What Is the Goal of Brief Psychodynamic Phsychotherapy?

The goal of brief psychodynamic therapy is to help patients understand the unconscious processes underlying their behaviors and to achieve self-awareness through recognizing how the past has influenced their present behaviors, according to Psych Central. Insight is one of the primary objectives of brief psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Brief psychodynamic psychotherapy sets out to create a change in behavior quickly that becomes a continued process and does not require the assistance of a therapist to maintain. Brief psychodynamic psychotherapy centers around one specific issue chosen by both the patient and the therapist in the first or second session, according to Psych Central. The patient and therapist then set out to solve this particular issue while generating insight.

The idea that insight is an important facet of psychological healing comes from Sigmund Freud, according to GuideToPsychology.com. Freudian ideology holds that psychodynamic psychotherapy helps patients understand the reasons for symptoms of psychological problems that have arisen. The patients are supposed to develop an understanding of their past experiences and the effects they have created on their behavior. Brief psychodynamic psychotherapy is generally used in cases where a patient was functioning well in society but has recently developed problems, whereas long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on changing long-standing personality-related issues.