What Is Glutaphos?

Reference.com explains that glutaphos is a combination of substances in tablet form that was created with the purpose of strengthening memory. However, research does not yet indicate that glutaphos has much effect. As of 2008, Glutaphos is not available in the United States.

Reference.com states that glutaphos is comprised of glutamic acid, dicalcium phosphate, thiamine and vitamin B12. TheFilipinoDoctor.com claims that glutaphos "enhances mental faculties, productivity, concentration, alacrity, memory; refreshes dull and sluggish system in cases of mental/physical fatigue." However, this site presents no scientific findings to support these claims. The site recommends a dosage of one tablet daily and increased dosages for periods of strenuous mental activity. The site does not recommend taking glutaphos while pregnant.

Wikipedia states that thiamine, one of the components of glutaphos, is a B-complex vitamin that is soluble in water. All living creatures use thiamine, but only fungi, plants, and bacteria have the ability to create it. Other creatures get thiamine through their diets. Lacking sufficient thiamine causes a number of health problems. Birds that do not have thiamine in their diets develop polyneuritis, an ailment that affects the peripheral nerves. Mammals that go without thiamine fall prey to Korsakoff's syndrome, optic neuropathy and nerineri, a disease that affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Untreated thiamine deficiency often leads to death.