How Do You Glue a Tooth?


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Glue a tooth back into place by sticking the crown on the tooth with a paste of corn starch and petroleum jelly and pressing the crown down against the tooth gently, states WebMD. Super Glue is an alternative to this paste, but it makes refitting the tooth more difficult.

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To glue a tooth first clean and dry the crown thoroughly. Prepare the glue by mixing petroleum jelly and corn starch to form a thick paste, according to WebMD. Once the paste is ready, apply it to the interior of the crown, and place the crown over the tooth, pressing firmly but gently. Close the jaws to press the tooth into its place, and follow up by wiping away any extra paste. Alternatively, use a ready-made paste sold at a drug store instead of homemade paste.

Teeth are the hardest part of the body, which facilitates chewing and talking, says WebMD. They are made up of enamel, dentin, periodontal ligament, pulp and cementum. A normal adult person has 32 teeth, divided into incisors, canines, molars, premolars and third molars, which are also known as wisdom teeth. Apart from the wisdom teeth, a person generally has all of these teeth at age 13.

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