What Is Glucerna?


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Glucerna is a brand of snack bars and beverages from Abbott Laboratories. The Chicago-based pharmaceuticals and health care products company specifically manufactures Glucerna products for people with diabetes. In fact, Glucerna is named after glucose, a simple sugar that people with diabetes need to provide energy to all of the body's cells. Glucerna foods are meant to satisfy hunger without rapidly increasing glucose blood levels, according to the company's website.

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What Is Glucerna?
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Abbott Laboratories claims that each Glucerna product is made with CarbSteady, a carbohydrate source that the company solely produces and owns. In addition to a reduced glycemic index, Glucerna products have chromium picolinate, vitamin supplements and phytosterols; the latter of which is credited with lowering cholesterol. Glucerna shakes, in particular, generally have more protein than the average weight-loss shake.

According to a scientific review about diabetic snack bars published by the American Diabetes Association, Glucerna snack bars can be used to control weight gain and inhibit high blood glucose (hyperglycemia). On the other hand, the snack bars are not suitable for treating low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). Glucerna products can be comparatively expensive as healthy food items. However, Abbott Laboratories offers coupons or promotional deals to make the food items more affordable.

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