How Do You Give Yourself a B12 Injection?


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To self-administer a B12 injection, sterilize the area, either the upper thigh or top of the buttocks, and then quickly push the full length of the needle through the skin, explains Phoenix Diabetes and Endocrinology. Pull the plunger slightly back, and check the syringe for blood. Then, depress the plunger.

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Some preparation is necessary prior to administering a prescribed B12 injection, notes Phoenix Diabetes and Endocrinology. First, thoroughly wash your hands, and sterilize the rubber stopper on the vial using alcohol. Then, pull the syringe plunger back to the 1/4 cc mark, and insert the needle into the vial, holding the vial in an upright position. Push the plunger down toward the vial, and then turn the vial completely upside down. Pull the plunger to the 1 cc mark, and make sure the needle tip falls below the B12 liquid and there are no air bubbles or spaces of trapped air in the liquid. After removing the syringe from the vial, the injection is ready for administration.

After injecting the B12 liquid, quickly pull the needle out of the skin, and immediately apply pressure to the injection site with an alcohol prep pad, according to Phoenix Diabetes and Endocrinology. The needle should be disposed of in a safe container, such as a medical hazards container or an empty coffee can sealed with the lid.

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