How Do You Give Vitamin B-12 Injections?

How Do You Give Vitamin B-12 Injections?

To give vitamin B-12 injections, administer the injection at an injection site, which is the shoulder, hip or thigh, according to Vitamin Injections. The skin should be taut when the needle enters; it helps the needle go in at the correct angle.

To give a vitamin B-12 injection, as reported by Vitamin Injections:

  1. Clean the skin and container
  2. Clean the insert area with alcohol and a cotton ball and the top of the B-12 container with a different cotton ball. Allow both sites to dry.

  3. Fill the needle with the Vitamin B-12
  4. Slowly turn the B-12 solution upside down and insert a clean needle. Pull the plunger to withdraw the proper amount of B-12 into the chamber.

  5. Inject the Vitamin B-12 into the designated area
  6. Hold the skin taut, enter the needle at the correct angle and push down on the plunger to insert the B-12. Remove the needle and hold a cotton ball to the area to stop any bleeding.