How Do You Give up Sugar?


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To give up sugar, identify hidden sugar in common foods, remove sugary foods from your home, eat plenty of healthy fats and protein, and be prepared with healthy snacks when a craving strikes. Enlist the support of others, and go easy on yourself when you give into sugar cravings.

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  1. Identify hidden sugars in the foods you eat

    The first step to giving up sugar is knowing what is considered sugar. Read the ingredient labels on foods. Any ingredient that ends with -ose is sugar. Honey, agave, maple syrup, palm sugar and fruit juice concentrates are also forms sugar and may cause the same reaction in your body that white sugar does.

  2. Remove sugary foods from your home

    Go through your pantry, and throw out the foods that contain sugar. Foods made with processed white flour turn to sugar when consumed, so get rid of these as well.

  3. Stock up on healthy fats and proteins

    Purchase foods that contain healthy fats, such as good olive oil, nuts, seeds, fish and avocados. Eat high-quality proteins, including lean meats and eggs. Prepare your meals and snacks with these foods. In addition to fat and protein, cinnamon helps control sugar cravings. Sprinkle it on food, or mix it into tea when a craving strikes.

  4. Get support

    You’re more likely to be successful if the people around support your new lifestyle. Tell others you are giving up sugar, and ask them to help you stick with your decision. If you give in and eat something sugary, be kind to yourself, and return to eating sugar-free afterward.

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