How Do You Give Quality Massages at Home?


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To give a quality massage at home, don’t use too much pressure unless the receiver asks for it, be wary of certain physical conditions, and visualize the physical structures beneath the skin. It is helpful if the person getting the massage can be vocal about what he does and does not like.

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A good massage requires the use of the entire body, not just the fingertips. This allows for better pressure and stability while giving the massage. It also prevents the person giving the massage from overexertion. Focus on signs that the person receiving the massage is giving about what feels good and what is starting to hurt. If the receiver moves his shoulders every time a certain spot is massaged, it might be tender. Ask him if it is sore and if he prefers no massaging to be done on that area.

When giving a massage at home, it is important to be aware of certain medical conditions. This is something a professional massage therapist would know, but a novice rarely does. Certain types of massaging can help or hurt conditions that the person is suffering from. For example, someone with an infectious disease or fever benefits from a massage since it helps to improve circulation, but it is not recommended for someone dealing with inflammation.

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