When Do Girls Reach Their Full Height?

While each individual is different, most girls reach their full height by age 15, according to KidsHealth. Reaching this height involves a two to five-year growth spurt associated with puberty, beginning at ages 8 to 13. During puberty, girls also reach sexual maturity.

WebMD reports that most girls gain 17 to 18 percent of their height during puberty. During the pubescent growth spurt, the limbs grow faster than the trunk. The fastest period of growth during puberty for a female often occurs during the six months prior to her first period.

The growth in height for children is often most rapid during the first two to four years of life, with gains of up to 4 inches annually. The rate then slows to approximately 2 inches per year from age 4 until a girl begins puberty. During the puberty growth spurt, girls gain as much as 3.5 inches annually, with the rate slowing as they approach their adult height. Dr. Vincent Iannelli for About.com recommends using the average of the parent's adult heights and subtracting 2.5 inches to determine the genetic potential for a girl's height.

As a girl gains height during puberty, she often gains weight, according to WebMD. She develops breasts and her hips become rounder while the waist narrows. During puberty, regular medical checkups help to ensure the body is developing normally.