How Do You Get Girls to Like You?


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Great ways to get a girl to like you are speaking with strength and clarity, teasing her, poking fun at yourself and giving her dedicated attention. These techniques provide subtle but useful help in the dating world.

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How Do You Get Girls to Like You?
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Sometimes it can be tough to catch the interest of a girl you adore. One subtle technique is to exude strength when speaking. Start by practicing speaking twice as loud as normal, but with clear vocal inflections. Avoid sounding choppy or unrealistically high-pitched. This helps convey confidence.

Another helpful piece of advice to win over a girl is to lightly tease her. While holding back and being gentlemanly can be nice, some girls find this dull and boring. Lightly teasing her can help ease the tension and create a back-and-forth playfulness. The girl may feel more relaxed and happy around you.

Take the teasing one step forward by laughing at yourself as well. Most women enjoy a man with a good sense of humor, so being goofy and modest can help. Another tip is to give the girl fully dedicated attention. Do not get distracted or sidetracked when she is present to make her feel special and appreciated. She may see you as a viable romantic partner due to your compassion.

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