How Do You Get a Girl's Phone Number?


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Some strategies for getting a girl’s phone number including asking during a high point in the conversation, asking assertively and handing her your phone to enter her number. Getting a phone number can be difficult, but these strategies can help increase chances of success.

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How Do You Get a Girl's Phone Number?
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Many men wait until the end of the night to ask for a girl’s phone number, but it’s often more effective to ask at a point when the conversation is going particularly well. Wait for a moment of connection that seems especially pronounced and then ask for the number. Asking in the middle of a conversation allows more time to talk and also emphasizes that you’re not just trying to collect phone numbers.

Rather than simply asking for her number, one effective strategy is to tell a girl that you need her phone number because you want to get together. This small difference in phrasing comes off as more confident and assertive and can often elicit a better response.

Instead of having her tell you her number, hand your phone to her and have her enter the number herself. This is another confident gesture that can help entice a girl. Be sure that the phone’s screen is on and the number pad is up on the screen. It can also be effective to discuss possible date ideas when exchanging numbers.

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