What Are Some Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits?


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One benefit of ginkgo biloba is that it can help improve vision in individuals with diabetes, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration, according to WebMD. For women, ginkgo biloba can relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome when taken every day for approximately two weeks prior to the start of the menstrual cycle to the fifth day after its start.

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Research suggests that ginkgo biloba may boost blood flow to the brain and may protect damaged nerve cells caused by Alzheimer disease, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. These benefits may help improve cognitive function and social behavior in patients with Alzheimer disease and dementia, as well as help patients perform daily activities better and feel less depressed.

Ginkgo biloba may effectively treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center. There is some evidence to suggest that ginkgo biloba also positively affects memory and thinking in healthy individuals, both young and middle-aged.

For individuals with anxiety, the particular ginkgo extract called EGb 761 may relieve symptoms of general anxiety, according to WebMD. This same extract might also be effective in combating the negative side effects of radiation in the body. Some evidence exists suggesting ginkgo biloba can help children with dyslexia, can help prevent migraines in women and children, and can reduce pain in individuals with fibromyalgia when taken with coenzyme Q-10 capsules, though there is insufficient evidence as of 2015 to support these claims.

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