What Is Ginger Zee's Exercise Regime?


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Ginger Zee's 10K training exercise routine consists of running and walking various intervals. Her beginner runner routine starts with running 1/4 mile, walking 1/4 mile, running 1/2 mile, walking 1/4 mile, and lastly, running 1/4 mile and walking 1/4 mile. The running is done at an eight-minute mile pace.

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Ginger Zee's second routine consists of running intervals with 1/4-mile walks scattered in between. First is a 1/2-mile run, followed by a 3/4-mile run, a one-mile run, and a 1/4-mile walk at the end. Ginger's third routine is also run in intervals with 1/4-mile walks in between: first 1.25 miles, then one mile, then 3/4 mile, then 1/2 mile, and then 1/4 mile.

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