Is Ginger Ale Good for You?


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While ginger provides some proven health benefits, whether or not a given ginger ale beverage provides any of those benefits depends upon how much, if any, ginger it contains. Most ginger beverages contain too little ginger to provide any of the health benefits of the root.

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There are several different styles of carbonated ginger beverages, and of these, ginger brew sodas contain the most actual ginger. Ginger ales tend to have a lower ginger content, as they are often made by adding ginger flavor to carbonated water; however, some brands, such as Reeds, brew their ginger ales, which provides more ginger content. The most popular style of ginger ale, dry, provides less actual ginger per beverage than the less popular gold style.

Ginger itself is used as a folk remedy to treat inflammation, muscle pain and nausea. Medical research on its usefulness for more serious ailments, including cancer, is ongoing as of 2014.

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