Does Getting a B-12 Injection for Weight Loss Really Work?


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Vitamin B-12 helps with the conversion of fats and proteins into energy, but there is no evidence that an injection of vitamin B-12 assists with weight loss. There is no magic solution to weight loss, and those serious about losing a few pounds should implement changes to their diets and exercise routines instead, notes Healthline.

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According to Mayo Clinic, some weight-loss centres offer vitamin B-12 injections to their clients as part of their weight loss programmes. Believers of the injection say that a boost of vitamin B-12 causes an increase in energy levels, speeds up metabolism, and assists with weight loss. However, unless a B-12 deficiency is present, the B-12 injection is unlikely to cause an energy boost, notes Mayo Clinic.

Vitamin B-12 has a very important role to play in the body. It assists with DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. A vitamin B-12 deficiency can lead to megaloblastic anemia, and the most common symptom of this is fatigue. This can easily be treated with a vitamin B-12 injection.

Many people incorrectly assume that the vitamin B-12 injection will boost energy levels and assist with weight loss, regardless of whether there is a deficiency to start with, states Healthline.

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