What Is the Gerson Diet for Cancer?


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The Gerson diet plan for cancer includes foods rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients, such as organic fruits and vegetables, according to the Gerson Institute. Some fruits and vegetables cannot be consumed due to acid or fat content.

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The Gerson diet contains foods very low in sodium, fat and protein, notes the Gerson Institute. People who follow the diet should not eat berries or pineapples due to high amounts of aromatic acids. Avocados, seeds and nuts are not permitted on the Gerson diet because they are too high in fats.

A normal, daily diet for someone fully immersed in the Gerson diet includes 13 glasses of fresh, organic juice made from carrots, apples and green-leaf vegetables, says the Gerson Institute. Each glass must be prepared hourly. Patients eat three plant-based meals per day produced from organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be available for snacking at any time. Gerson therapy involves consuming large amounts of fresh, organic foods combined with nutritional supplements and coffee enemas. The idea of the diet is to increase the body's ability to activate the immune system and deliver more oxygen to the bloodstream.

Scientific evidence does not support the Gerson diet, explains the American Cancer Society. Gerson therapy can be dangerous because coffee enemas may cause infections, constipation, inflammation of the colon, dehydration and even death. Practitioners consume about 20 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables each day.

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