What Is the Most Gentle Way of Treating Bed Sores at Home?


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Regular cleaning of the sore with frequent application of new dressings is the most gentle way to treat bedsores while at home, states Mayo Clinic. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen can alleviate pain before new dressings.

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No matter what the stage, bedsores have to remain clean for the patient to stave off infection. In the case of a stage I wound, with unbroken skin, a gentle wash with mild soap and water before patting dry cleans the wound. If wounds are open, they need cleaning with a saline solution at every change, notes Mayo Clinic.

Dressings keep the bedsore wounds moist and provide the ideal environment for healing while also maintaining a barrier against infection, according to Mayo Clinic. The skin around the dressing should remain dry, but under the dressing, moistness is essential for healing. Choices for dressings include gauzes, gels, films, treated coverings and foams. In some cases, doctors recommend a combination of several dressings, but the final choice varies with the severity and size of the bedsore, the discharge amount and the ease of taking off and applying the dressing. Bedsore wounds that fail to heal may necessitate surgery to boost hygiene and improve the sore's appearance while eliminating, as much as possible, the risk of cancer developing at that spot.

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