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Genotropin is a brand of synthetic human growth hormone prescribed for the treatment of various growth disorders in children. These growth disorders may be due to growth hormone deficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome or Turner syndrome in young girls. Genotropin therapy is also prescribed for children who were born small for their gestational age and children with idiopathic short stature.

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Growth hormone, also known as somatrotopin or somatropin, is an essential hormone that stimulates the growth, reproduction and regeneration of cells in humans and animals. HGH is essential for the growth and development of muscles and bones.

Genotropin was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1995 initially for the treatment of children with GHD. Apart from those medical conditions already mentioned, the FDA also approves the use of somatropin as a therapeutic management for adults with growth hormone deficiency, for cachexia caused by AIDS and chronic renal failure.

Longevity proponents have also been using HGH off-label for life-extension purposes. This practice is largely based on a study showing that HGH therapy helps increase lean muscle mass and decreases body fat in subjects age 60 and above. The use of HGH as a performance enhancer is also popular among bodybuilders and athletes; however, this usage is frowned upon and banned in nearly all professional and amateur sporting organizations.

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