What Is Generally Included on Boyfriend and Girlfriend Quizzes?


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Boyfriend and girlfriend quizzes generally include situational, role-play and personality questions to generate answers about issues such as the likelihood of dating, compatibility and the strength of a relationship. Quizzes ask questions about the length of the relationship, the feelings of both partners and how partners act around each other. For example, "How many years have you been with your partner? Answers: A) 1 to 6 months, B) 7 to 12 months, or C) A year or more."

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Boyfriend and girlfriend quizzes can assess and give advice for many situations. One such quiz may reveal if a boy or girl has the potential to become a serious partner based on questions such as what he/she does with friends or how he/she acts around the partner. One such question may be, "You see your short-term boyfriend with his friends and he... A) Smiles and says hi, B) Gives you a hug, or C) Invites you over to hang with his friends."

Boyfriend and girlfriend quizzes also ask questions that can help assess the relationship's readiness for significant milestones such as becoming sexually intimate or moving in together. One example of a question for whether a partner is ready for sexual relations is, "When you hook up with your partner, you tend to feel: A) Comfortable, B) Nervous, or C) Scared."

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