What Are Gender Prediction Quizzes?


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Gender prediction quizzes are old wives tales that have no scientific basis and are not accurate but are fun to do, according to Family Education. The most popular quiz says that if a woman is carrying a baby high, the baby is a girl, and if she's carrying low, it's a boy.

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What Are Gender Prediction Quizzes?
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A popular gender prediction quiz tests on whether a pregnant woman is carrying a baby in the front or is expanding horizontally, notes Family Education. If the baby is carried in the front, the baby is a boy. Conversely, if the woman expands horizontally, the baby is a girl. Another old wives tale is that if a pregnant woman has acne and other skin blemishes, then she is having a girl. Cold feet and dry hands are signs of a baby boy according to the same tale.

Another quiz uses the pregnant woman's wedding ring, explains Family Education.The ring is tied to a piece of string and hung over the belly. If the ring swings back and forth, the tale promises a girl, otherwise the ring will swing in a circle, promising a boy. Some prediction tests can be dangerous. In particular, one requires mixing the pregnant woman's urine with Drano to predict a baby's gender. However, the mixture can be dangerous if inhaled and may cause an explosion.

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