What Are Gallbladder Pictures Used For?


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Gallbladder pictures are used in the diagnosis of gallbladder conditions wherein other tests cannot provide holistic accurate results. Imaging is used as an advanced test for gallbladder conditions, especially when gallbladder cancer is suspected, according to American Cancer Society.

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Other gallbladder conditions that can be identified using gallbladder pictures include gallstones, gallbladder pancreatitis, cholecystitis, Cholangitis and biliary colic among others, as highlighted by WebMD. Gallbladder pictures are also used by doctors to monitor the healing process after treatment. For gallbladder cancer patients, gallbladder pictures are used to check re-occurrence of cancer signs after treatment. According to WebMD, gallbladder pictures also help doctors to determine other tests to recommend when examining patients with gallbladder related complications.

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