How Do You Gain Weight Fast When You Are Too Skinny?


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To gain weight quickly, eat more frequently and try to find foods that are healthy yet high in calories and good fats. Establish a regular muscle-building exercise routine, and be careful about the beverages you drink before mealtimes.

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  1. Eat the right foods

    Lean red meats, nut butters, whole milk, avocados, nuts, granola and cheese are all great choices for people who want to gain weight fast. Lean red meats have protein to build up muscles, while nut butters, nuts and granola are high in calories and rich in good fats. Whole milk, avocados and cheese are additional healthy ways to add more fat into your diet.

  2. Establish a mild exercise routine

    Exercising once or twice a day by lifting small weights can be helpful in gaining weight because it builds muscle mass. This type of exercise can also be beneficial because it stimulates appetite.

  3. Eat frequently

    People who are too thin might feel full faster, so eat five or six small meals throughout the day, instead of three bigger meals to help combat this problem.

  4. Watch what beverages you drink

    Drinking water right before a meal can cause you to feel full, so watch your beverage intake in the hour or so before each mealtime.

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