How Do You Gain Weight With a Fast Metabolism?


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For people with fast metabolisms who want to gain weight, Healthline suggests lifting weights to increase muscle mass and increasing carbohydrate and fat consumption. For health reasons, keep a basic cardiovascular routine two to three times per week, but to gain weight, lower overall calorie expenditure. Suggested foods are nuts and nut butters, avocados, whole grains, eggs and whole milk products.

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According to Healthline, while being thin may be desirable, people who are underweight are at greater risk of weakened immune systems; problems with hair, skin and teeth; slower recovery times from illness or injury; and increased risk of developing osteoporosis as they age. People with high metabolisms burn calories faster than they can consume them, making it difficult to gain or maintain a healthy weight.

For healthy weight gain, boosting muscle development and building lean tissue are essential. Healthline recommends lifting weights three times per week to add muscle to the body frame, aiming to create short, intense, physically challenging workouts that also make efficient use of time. Keeping the workouts short prevents needless calorie expenditure. Focus on using higher weights with a lower amount of repetitions. If gym access is unavailable, Healthline suggests using hand weights or creating them with old milk cartons.

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