How Do You Gain Muscles Fast?


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To build muscle quickly, Men's Fitness recommends taking steps to increase the body's efficiency, such as sleeping at least 30 additional minutes each night, drinking a protein shake in the middle of an intense workout and focusing on demanding exercises, such as squats, deadlifts and chin-ups. Building a new routine that increases the frequency of training for each muscle set also forces the muscles to grow faster.

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Men's Fitness explains that many people design a fitness regimen that targets muscle groups only once per week, but this allows too much time for the muscles to settle between sessions. Increasing the recurrence of each exercise to two or three times each week allows the muscles to maintain their gains in mass.

On off-days, protein consumption should be increased and carbohydrates should be limited, notes Men's Fitness. This helps fuel the muscles while they are recovering between workouts and ensures that the body does not gain weight from excess carbohydrates that are not burned in activity. However, this does not mean that carbohydrates should be avoided entirely. They are necessary nutrients that help the body maintain high energy levels, train for longer periods of time and handle more intensive workouts. Men's Fitness also recommends making small habits a routine, such as maintaining a food journal, recording weight and setting achievable strength goals.

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