How Do You Gain 30 Pounds in 30 Days?

To gain 30 pounds in a month period, a person should purchase the appropriate foods, change his diet, and participate in a strength training program. While rapid weight gain can be achieved, if may pose cardiovascular risks and should be undertaken with caution.

  1. Purchase the appropriate foods

    Having the right foods on hand at all times is critical. Eggs, fruit, steak, chicken, and fish all promote weight gain because they have either a high protein or carbohydrate content. You can easily find all of these foods from local grocery stores.

  2. Alter your dietary habits

    Weight gain is achieved by eating multiple meals a day that are high in fats and proteins. For example, breakfast can include scrambled eggs and bacon, and a fruit blend can be consumed a couple hours afterwards. Consume flank steak and salad throughout the day, and follow each workout with a protein shake. Finally, make sure each dinner includes a high-protein item, such as tilapia.

  3. Participate in a strength training program

    Strength training increases muscle mass, which helps to increase weight. Perform bench presses, deadlifts, squats and other exercises that build and enhance the strength of your muscles. Remember that the body also needs sufficient rest between workouts for each muscle group.