What Is Furunculosis?


Furunculosis is a condition where boils appear on the body regularly, according to WebMD. Boils caused by furunculosis can appear continuously or intermittently over a period of time. A boil is identified as a red, pus-filled lump on the skin that can be inflamed and tender.

When furunculosis is diagnosed, a doctor often orders additional testing to determine an underlying cause, such as a weak immune system, according to WebMD. In the case of a normal immune system, the most common reason for recurrence is that the patient or someone in her household is a carrier of the bacteria that causes the infection. Carriers of the bacteria tend to be more prone to infections of the skin.

Because the bacteria can live harmlessly on the skin, it is important that carriers of the Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, bacteria are treated to prevent future outbreaks, according to WebMD. All cuts and skin injuries should be cleaned and covered with a bandage to prevent infection whenever skin is broken. In some cases, treatment with oral antibiotics, as well as an antibiotic cream applied to the inside of the nose can bring down the bacterial count on an individual and prevent recurrent infections.