What Are Some Funny Pranks to Play on Friends?


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Funny pranks to play on a friend include decorating a balloon like a cake and asking him to cut it, challenging him to balance drinks on his hands and leaving, and purchasing a remote for his television. You then change channels when your friend is watching television.

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What Are Some Funny Pranks to Play on Friends?
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Disguise a balloon as a cake by cutting the front off of an empty cereal box and taping the balloon inside. Put frosting and sprinkles all over the balloon and ask your friend to cut it. When your friend begins to cut, the balloon pops.

At the beginning of the drink balancing prank, balance a full glass on the back of your hand with your palm down. Set your palm on a table to make it easier. Next bet your friend that he can't balance a full glass on each of his hands. After setting it up with your friend, leave the room. The friend must then spill the drinks to free his hands.

For the dual remote prank, buy a remote that works with your friend's television and program it to that television. In addition to changing channels, you can adjust the volume and turn the television off while your friend is watching. If you don't do this prank often, you may get away with it for months before your friend discovers the prank.

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