How Do You Do Functional Strength Training at Home?


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To perform functional strength training at home, perform exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups and improve the coordination between the muscular and nervous system. These exercises can be performed with standard weights, body weights or common household items.

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  1. Determine your workout schedule

    Determine your workout schedule for the week. Within these workouts, determine the muscles you plan to train and the exercises you plan to perform, as this helps you choose the materials you need. The schedule should include the time duration and number of sets and repetitions.

  2. Warm up your muscles

    Warm up your muscles by performing stretches that target large muscle groups and major joints. These stretches should also target the range of motion for these joints and muscles. An example would be the hip swing, where you balance on one leg and swing the other leg through its full range of motion.

  3. Perform exercises that target multiple muscle groups

    Perform exercises that target multiple muscle groups, such as the squat. The squat can be performed with or without weights. Keeping your core tight, sit back as if you were sitting in a chair. Lower your backside until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Pause in this position before returning to the starting position. Another exercise is the push press, which is typically performed with weights. Holding the weights with your arms in front, bend your knees and squat slightly. Press back up through your legs, and extend your arms with the weights until your arms are fully extended overhead.

  4. Cool down

    Cool down your muscles and joints with static stretches once your workout is complete. This form of stretching involves holding a stretch with little movement for 30 seconds. An example would be sitting with one leg extended and trying to touch your toes.

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