What Functional Groups Does Ibuprofen Have?

Ibuprofen is in the carboxylic acid functional group, which means it can partially dissolve in water. Many people take ibuprofen as a painkiller and fever reducer, although the medication does not have a significant effect on headaches, according to Florida State University.

Ibuprofen is a common pain and fever reducer found in medications such as Advil and Motrin. Chemically speaking, ibuprofen is in the carboxylic acid functional group. For patients, this means ibuprofen dissolves somewhat in water and organic solvents such as acetone, claims Florida State University. However, ibuprofen in a liquid form is more effective when purchasing it initially as a liquid instead of dissolving it.

Ibuprofen’s chemical status as a carboxylic acid functional group only determines the drug’s makeup. Unlike acetaminophen, which has three polar groups, Ibuprofen only has one polar group, states the University of Florida.

Most liquid ibuprofen is marketed as a children’s ibuprofen product, since children can take the medicine more easily by drinking it than by swallowing a pill. CVS Pharmacy is one of many drugstores that sell children’s ibuprofen, according to the CVS website. Adults can take this kind of ibuprofen to treat pain, fever and aches, but pregnant women and adults older than 60 years old should not take it, states WebMD.