What Are Some Fun Ways to Find Out the Sex of a Baby?


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Some fun ways a pregnant woman can find out the sex of her baby include using a Chinese gender chart, assessing the height and shape of the bump, performing the wedding ring on a string trick, using Mayan gender prediction ,or performing the key test, according to Today. Other fun ways for pregnant women to predict gender include assessing the color of their urine and looking at their sleeping positions.

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To perform the wedding ring on a string trick, a pregnant woman removes her wedding ring and places it on a string, explains Today. The woman must then lie down and hold the string over her belly. If the ring swings in a circular motion, the baby is a girl, but if it swings in a pendulum-like motion, the baby is a boy.

With the key test, a pregnant woman may predict the gender of her baby by simply picking up a single key, notes Today. If the woman grabs for the top round portion of the key, her baby is a girl. If she grabs for the narrow part of the key, the baby is a boy. If the woman grabs for the middle of the key, she is having twins.

Most gender prediction methods are fun to try, but they are probably not accurate. The most accurate ways of determining a baby's gender include genetic testing, amniocentesis and ultrasound, reports Today.

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