What Are Some Fun Pregnancy Games?


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Some fun pregnancy games include the Baby Sock Game, Applesauce Never Tasted So Good, and the Baby Bucket List, according to The Bump. One game may be better than another, depending on how many people are available to play.

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What Are Some Fun Pregnancy Games?
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To play the Baby Sock game, the host needs to gather 14 pairs of baby socks and a timer. All of the socks should be spread out on the floor, unpaired. Each player must match as many socks as possible within one minute. The player with the most matched socks wins. For the Applesauce Never Tasted So Good game, the host needs baby spoons, garbage bags, blindfolds and jars of applesauce. Players should first cover their clothes with the garbage bags. Guests have to split into pairs, blindfolded, while one member of the team tries to feed the other. The team to finish their applesauce first wins.

To play Baby Bucket List, the host needs a bucket, pen and note cards. The host asks all the guests to write down one thing a mother needs to do in the baby's first year. The suggestions can be anything from taking family trips to general advice. When the baby arrives, the mother should check the items off the bucket list as she completes them.

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