What Are Some Fun Cardio Workouts?


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Ideas to make a cardio workout fun range from running with a dog or watching a movie while working out to teaming up with a workout partner or using a creative app that changes things up. During a snowy winter, fun cardio workouts can include snowboarding, snowshoeing or skating.

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What Are Some Fun Cardio Workouts?
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Tech Hive suggests using some fun motivational apps to make a basic cardio workout more fun. Zombies, Run! takes the users on an audio adventure that makes them believe zombies are chasing them on their morning run. Ghost Race lets users race against themselves or other players and has settings for running, road biking and mountain biking. Cardio Smackdown uses the same basic idea, pairing the user with a real workout partner for some virtual competition.

Other ideas for making a cardio workout fun are to create a playlist filled with motivational music. Choosing a sport or game that provides a cardio workout is more exciting than just going for a run. Workouts like Zumba or Wii Fit exercises can be done indoors using a video game console. Doing cardio on a treadmill or elliptical machine allows the exerciser to watch an episode of a TV show, which is usually just the right length for a cardio workout. Switching the type of cardio done from one day to the next helps make the workout less boring as well.

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