What Are Some Fun Baby Gender Quizzes?


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TinyPrints.com has a fun baby gender quiz that combines old wives' tails and pregnancy myths from around the world to predict the gender of a baby. Parents.com, BabyMed.com, EverydayFamily.com and Pregnancy magazine also have gender prediction quizzes to help determine if it's a boy or a girl.

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TinyPrints.com warns the quizzes are light-hearted and the results are not scientific. While there is only a 50/50 chance of getting the gender right, these fun quizzes ask a series of questions to take the guesswork out of whether to expect a boy or a girl.

EverydayFamily.com has an online quiz that predicts the gender of the baby based on the shape of the bump as it appears in a mirror. Pregnancy magazine has a quick and easy quiz to predict the likelihood of a boy or girl based on answers to a series of questions. NetMums.com lists 16 fun ways to predict the sex of a baby.

All these quizzes are light-hearted and interesting ways to predict the gender of a baby based on how the pregnant woman carries the bump, the shape of the belly, cravings and the severity of morning sickness. Other indicators included in these quizzes include the baby's heart rate, hair growth on the mother's legs, the expectant mother's mood and intuition.

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