How Are FSH Test Levels Measured?


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Doctors use a blood test to measure follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, levels, according to Healthline. The test involves taking a blood sample from the body and then determining the quantity of FSH contained in the serum of the blood sample.

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FSH facilitates the production of sperm in men and ovarian follicular growth in women, and it is produced in the pituitary gland, as Healthline explains. Excessive or insufficient production of FSH results in reproductive disorders, which necessitates testing in order to determine the medical conditions behind the disorders.

The FSH test involves wrapping an elastic band above the spot where a doctor intends to obtain a blood sample and sterilizing that spot first, according to Healthline. Once the spot is clean, the doctor inserts a needle into a vein to draw a blood sample. After obtaining the sample, he withdraws the needle and instructs the patient to press against the injection site using a cotton ball before bandaging the area. The doctor then sends the sample to the lab for analysis. For better interpretation of the test results, the patient should inform the doctor of his medical status, including any medications and medical conditions, because it may influence the test results.

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